UA Courses: (course materials on D2L starting in fall 2017)

**Spring 2020: ATMO 441b/541b: Dynamic Meteorology II
**Fall 2019: ATMO 580, Tropical Meteorology
**Spring 2019: ATMO 474b/574b, Weather Analysis and Forecasting II
Fall 2018: ATMO 170A1, Introduction to Weather and Climate
Spring 2018: ATMO 596A, Progress in Atmospheric Sciences
Spring 2018: ATMO 441b/541b, Dynamic Meteorology II
Fall 2017: ATMO 596A, Progress in Atmospheric Sciences
Fall 2017: ATMO 580, Tropical Meteorology

**Planned teaching schedule. Subject to change.

Development of teaching tools:

To help students make a stronger linkage between the fundamental quasi-geostrophic (QG) equations and real weather maps, Dr. Galarneau developed a web page that displays the QG equations on weather maps in real-time.

Real-Time QG Animations Page